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Verde Guatemala marble is one of the green character stone group marbles originating from India. Application areas of Verde Guatemala marble include kitchen and bathroom countertops, sculptures, indoor and outdoor wall and floor covering applications, fountains, stairs, window sills and other detail applications. Green color, which has a fascinating feature, gives positive energy and peace to people. This is one of the best examples of the reflection of energy and peace in our living spaces with natural stone. It is also known as Green Guatemala, Indian green, Verde Guatemala in the market. In addition, those with different selections are called Verde Forest Verde Escuro. Green marbles such as Verde Guatemala have dark green base color slabs with dark shades in black tones and green color can be light to dark. Verde Guatemala, also known as Indian Green, is the most preferred and known marble in the sector. It is among the preferences of the sellers with the easy processing and shaping of the stone, and the users with its color structure. It combines with kitchen cabinets in terms of color tone. Verde Guatemala has a dark green tone black pattern and a veiny appearance.

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