Game Of Thrones's Top 5 Characters

Game Of Thrones's Top 5 Characters

Game Of Thrones's Top 5 Characters


1.Daenerys Targaryen

One of the two Targaryen's and dragons' mother in the universe will be her most beloved Game Of Thrones characters for reasons caused by the Robert Rebellion. Turkey light hair freak a lot of people get a little more down while Dany canima Susan thought. You don't want to get a knife with your character of Khaleesi with a heart full of compassion. Because I don't think I'm big in size. The beauty of Khaleesi is undoubtedly increasing, according to her experience and the need to be proportionate.



At the beginning, Stannis Baratheon'ın making more than one mistake, but because of the beautiful sense of hatred of a person in the strict sense of a character. The Red Witch, also known as the mistake of later recognition of the errors, but we were at that time "bee passed" bee. Carice Van Houten, who portrays this Red Woman who aims to impress everyone with her beauty, is a really regular person compared to her age.


3.Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell's brother Loras, one of the most personable and pleasant-faced characters of the show, we also saw in the Iron Fist series Marvel lovers. We can also understand from the characters that Game Of Thronus has a big share in Iron Fist. The fact that Küçük Gül and Joffrey could not be in real terms helped Margary to be with Joffrey's brother Tommen. This situation certainly pleased the audience who love Tyrell. Margaery isn't one with tremendous behavior. In other words, I can't say that when it fits her grandmother, but at the same time a place where such intrigues turn a blind eye is what she does. She didn't take much to her grandmother.


4.Cersei Lannister

One of his most terrifying characters in the show, Cercei, the only daughter of the Lannister. The psychopathology of the knee is one of four. The beauty is ”dazzled by my eyes ın but not quite by its age. Jamie and Cercie's children also proved that beauty is a feature of Lannister. Tyrion exceptions. Knowing that Lena Heady, who played the character of Cerci, who was coded to defeat her enemies with her ingenuity and tremendous plans, is the indication of an inverse relationship between Cerci and Lena.


5.Sansa Stark

It is because the filmmakers reflect the emotional change of the Sansa character to us very well, and this character is attracting our attention. Sansa has improved its quality while having all these events. I don't say very nice, but instead of taking the people who appear on the list a few times, I wanted to buy a person from Stark Family for Lord Stark's respect.


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