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Brume marble; It has gray and light blue colors. It has a mixed pattern. Brume marble is preferred for indoor and outdoor flooring, kitchen counters, marble tables and coffee tables, decorative works.
Tundra gray marble is the most striking form of gray color tones, which are indispensable for architectural projects. It has a soft appearance with its marled mesh structure and white vein entrances on a gray background. It appears as floor covering and wall covering in large spaces of hotels, business centers, shopping centers and residence projects. Gray color tones are also preferred for exterior cladding. Thanks to the harmony it provides with other decoration products, Brume beige marble is also a factor in architects turning to this product. Although it is generally used alone as the main paving stone in large areas of projects, its harmony with brown, black, cream and white colors attracts attention.
Tundra blue marble will add a stylish texture to your spaces in garden decoration in landscaping areas, shower tray and shower area wall covering in wet areas, countertops and sinks according to customer demand. Tundra blue marble, which attracts great attention in the country as well as abroad, can be applied in waterjet core patterns by combining it with different color marblesTundra light gray marble is especially suitable for boutique residence and villa projects, hotel rooms, bathroom sections, lobby and restaurant etc. used as coating.

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