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Inspired by the rich natural resources of Isparta and adding an aesthetic touch to modern architectural projects, 'Tundra Gray Marble' brings the cold and noble atmosphere of the tundra region from which it takes its name to your living spaces. This unique marble is carefully extracted from Turkey's precious stone quarries and attracts attention with its elegant color transitions in gray tones. Tundra Gray's natural veins and patterns make each marble slab a work of nature's art, thus adding a unique aesthetic and depth to every space it is used in.

Sustainable and Aesthetic Choice

Obtained using sustainable extraction techniques, Tundra Gray Marble offers a wide range of uses in interior and exterior spaces. It creates an aesthetic choice in many areas, from floors to walls, from kitchen countertops to bathroom countertops. Tundra Gray offers a wide range of uses, from a modern residence to luxury hotel lobbies, adding a sophisticated touch to any space.

Usage Areas of Tundra Gray

  • Floors: Tundra Gray Marble is a preferred product in floor coverings with its durability and aesthetic appearance. It adds elegance to every corner of your home.
  • Walls: When used in wall coverings, it adds depth and natural beauty to the space.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops: It combines durability and elegance in kitchen countertops. It provides a hygienic and aesthetic surface in your bathrooms.
  • Outdoor Areas: It offers a natural and elegant appearance by using it in outdoor areas such as gardens and terraces.

Door to the Global Market

Our company, which is among the leading companies in marble exports, offers Tundra Gray Marble to the global market. We stand out in the industry with our quality product range and superior customer service. Tundra Gray Marble is not only a building material, but also a work of art that adds value to your space. Discover Tundra Gray and use it in your living spaces to create unique stories.

Pricing and Product Details

The square meter price of Tundra Gray Marble varies depending on the thickness and size of the product. The size, homogeneity and quality selection of this marble, which is produced in standard thicknesses of 2 cm, 3 cm and 5 cm, are the determining factors in pricing. Our company updates its prices monthly and offers you the most up-to-date and competitive prices.

Contact us

Contact us to get more information about Tundra Gray Marble and find out current prices. Our expert team is always ready to offer the most suitable solutions for your needs. Bring the unique beauty of Tundra Gray to your spaces and experience natural elegance.

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Factory: Merkez Sanayi / Isparta / Türkiye
January: Sütçüler / Isparta / Türkiye

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