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Travertine Sales Directly from Factory and Quarry with Different Types and Prices

Travertines, which are a part of the Interior Architecture, are a type of stone formed as a result of the precipitation of calcium carbonate dissolved in hot underground waters on the earth. These stones, which we can also see in Pamukkale, can be processed in different colors and patterns depending on their formation in nature. Mostly cream, yellow, brown and red are the most well-known travertine types.

It has a softer structure than marble and granite, this feature gives it a more natural appearance. Its surface is perforated and light, like a sponge. When these holes enter water in very cold weather and the water freezes, deterioration may occur in the structure of the travertine. Since its formation process is not as long as marble and granite, its structure is weak. Care should be taken when cleaning it, it can be easily affected by chemicals and acids.

Travertine is a natural rock type found in various forms. The different types of this stone are generally categorized based on their place of origin, colors, patterns and surface textures. Here are some of the most well-known travertine types:

  • Classic Travertine: It has cream, beige or sparkling white colors. It often has irregular veins and patterns.
  • Noce Travertine: Noce means "walnut" in Italian, which refers to the brown tones of this travertine. It usually contains dark brown, beige and gray tones.
  • Walnut Travertine: Named after the color of the walnut tree, Walnut Travertine is a variety with dark brown tones.,,
    Silver Travertine: It is characterized by shades of gray and often contains silver colored veins.
  • Gold Travertine: Known for its golden veins, Gold Travertine offers a warm and rich appearance.
  • Seashell Travertine: This type of travertine, which resembles the colors of a seashell, is generally white or light cream colored.
  • Scabas Travertine: Scabas is a variety of travertine that often has complex color tones and various patterns.
  • Antique Travertine: Antique travertine refers to types of travertine that have been worn over time and have acquired a rough appearance. This variety is preferred in ancient architectural projects.
  • Romano Travertine: Romano Travertine is usually cream or beige in color and features irregular veins and patterns.
  • Yellow Travertine: This type of travertine, which has yellow tones, offers a warm and energetic appearance.

Since travertine has a wide range of colors and patterns, different types are used in projects. Which travertine type is preferred may vary depending on the design and aesthetic needs of the project.

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