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Onyx Marble
Onyx Marble

Let's find the Onyx Marble of your dreams together in the most suitable way for your budget!

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What is Onyx Marble?

Onyx marble is a group of semi-precious stones. There are interpretations that the word root means "ring, ring" in the Assyrian language or derived from the Greek meaning "nail". In Turkish, onyx is the common usage name of both precious stones and agate, one of the chalcedony stones belonging to the jewelery industry. It is a kind of agate stone largely composed of silicon minerals. Because of its similarity to this stone, one of the marble types was named as onyx marble.

Oniks Mermer Ocağı Blok

From Onyx Marble Factory; You can contact us to procure blocks, rubble, slabs, flooring onyx marble types at affordable prices from our Main Producer Company...

You can buy many kinds of local and imported onyx marble from stock.

Onyx Marble Types
3D Onyx
Avatar Onyx
White Onyx
Bubble Onyx
Bursa Onyx Marble
Green Coffee Onyx
Gray Bubble Onyx
Brown Onyx
Caramel Onyx
Orange Onyx
Kilim Onyx

Apart from the varieties according to the type of onyx marble, we produce and sell the varieties according to their sizes.

We are cutting and selling slabs, flooring, steps, onyx marble.


Onyx marble prices are perhaps the most variable marble prices in the marble and natural stone market.

Because onyx marble is a type of stone that increases in price as its transparency, light transmittance and visual beauty increase.

But in general, you can find onyx marble sawn slab products from $150/m2 to $500/m2.

Prices for short sized mixed piece flooring onyx range from $50 to $100.

Onyx Marble Usage Areas, Where Is Onyx Used?

Onyx marble is generally used indoors for decorative purposes.

Onyx is generally applied in the entrance sections of luxury places, in the prominent places by lighting.

Moreover; It is applied on bar desk front coating, bar desk top coating, reception desk front coating, entertainment venues, column coatings, apartment entrances.

Onyx marble is generally used in interior design applications due to its light transmittance and low production. With its unique decorative structures, it is generally applied by lighting to give visual richness in the lobbies and foyers of collective use areas. Among other narrow space usage areas, it is used in the front and edge coverings of counters, as hotel reception desks, in coatings on a complete metal frame and in wooden combinations. It has also been seen in the discoveries and historical buildings used by the Greeks, Ancient Egyptians and Romans in their temples, palaces and even in the construction of their thrones. Onyx marble was also used in the construction of mosque columns in many Islamic countries.

Onyx Occurrence, Structure and Properties

When it comes to marble, thanks to Marble, the leading brand in the sector, it is not difficult nowadays to decorate your homes, businesses or offices with a special type of marble, onyx stones, with golden sparkles. 'Onyx' is actually a Greek word meaning nail. It entered Turkish as 'Onyx'.

The rock types that emerge as a result of the metamorphosis of limestone/dolomite under the influence of heat, pressure and aqueous solutions are generally defined as marble. Onyx is one of the marble types divided into 4 main groups. Onyx stone, one of the natural stones, is one of the most preferred stones in the world among building materials.

Onyx stone, a special chalcedony derivative; It is formed by the boiling of underground hot waters and mixing of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, copper, iron oxide and fluorine minerals. Onyx marble is formed by the precipitation of cold spring waters with calcium carbonate.

It can be distinguished from different types of marble with its crystalline and transparent structure in its appearance. While onyx can transmit light, marble has only transparency and no light transmission. Onyx marbles have a harder structure than other marble types. Therefore, they are more difficult to process.

It can usually be found in nature with the colors white, green, yellow and red.

While processing onyx marble, it is shaped in 4 stages. 1 – cutting 2 – shaping 3 – polishing 4 – polishing

How is Onyx Marble Processed? - on marblemarble.com Blog!


Onyx Marble
Onyx Marble Quarry and Factory Sales
You can obtain the Onyx Marbles you have dreamed of at very reasonable prices from our company.

Onyx Marble

Onyx Marble Factory Sales Page

Sales from Onyx Marble Factory; You can contact us to purchase onyx marble types for steps, blocks, rubble, slabs, slabs and windowsills at affordable prices from the factory.

Buy many kinds of local and imported onyx marble from stock.

Onyx Marble Types
Green Coffee
Gray Bubble

We cut and ship our Onyx marbles according to the dimensions you want.

Onyx Marble Prices

Onyx marbles have higher prices than other marble types. And prices can start from $ 90 and go up to $ 1000.

The main factors affecting the price of onyx marble are; light sensitivity, vascular structure and homogeneity.

Average prices of onyx marbles you want to supply from us; in general it is from $150/m2 to $500/m2.

Onyx Usage Areas

Onyx is generally used in interiors to add visual beauty and in illuminated projects.

is used.

One of the most common usage areas of onyx marble is the entrance sections of luxury buildings.

Moreover; cafe tables, hotel receptions, entertainment venues, ship-yacht interiors, building entrances.

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