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Marmaris marble production facility is among the leading natural stone processing centers in Turkey. High quality stones obtained from the fertile marble quarries of Marmaris are processed with state-of-the-art equipment in the factory and sent to many different countries of the world. This facility has become a leading brand in the fields of construction and architecture with its products that comply with international norms in terms of aesthetics and durability. Marmaris marble production facility, which adheres to sustainable mining principles with environmentally friendly production methods, also makes significant contributions to the local economy and brings the natural riches of the region to the world stage. These precious stones turn into works of art in the talented hands of the facility and adorn global structures, further increasing Turkey's reputation in the marble industry.

Marmaris' Marmaris and Natural Stone Expert!
Marble Supply, Decoration, Flooring and Installation at Economical, Attractive Prices...

Our company, which produces solutions for your marble and natural stone needs with affordable prices and superior quality service in Marmaris, is with you in all your projects.

Marmaris Marble Contact: +90 530 130 8921

Marmaris Marble and Natural Stone Factory Sale!

As Elazim İnşaat, we carry out all kinds of marble natural stone flooring, application and decoration works in Muğla's Marmaris district and throughout Turkey with our expert staff.


  • Marble and Travertine Flooring
  • Kitchen Countertops: Design, Installation and Sales
  • Special Design Marble Table Production
  • Marble Workmanship for Window Frames and Balcony Decorations
  • Aesthetic Marble Coating and Decoration Services for Stairs
  • Stylish Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops with Çimstone
  • Wall Designs with Travertine
  • Special Marble and Natural Stone Decoration for Pools and Villas
  • All Kinds of Coating and Decoration Solutions with Our Wide Marble and Natural Stone Collection

We are the leader in the natural stone market in Marmaris. While we offer modern and high-quality natural stone solutions for your kitchen and bathroom countertops, we make a difference with our competitive prices. We provide uninterrupted service to Marmaris and its surroundings every day.

Marmaris Marble Factory

We are at your service in Marmaris and surrounding regions with our high quality marble products directly from the quarry and factory. Our experienced team completes your work on marble and other natural stones with precision and at affordable costs.

Marmaris Onyx Marble

We are at your service in Marmaris with our various onyx marble options. We support your onyx marble countertops, decorations and flooring with pre- and after-sales services.

Marmaris Travertine Factory

We sell travertine stone directly from our facility operating in Marmaris and its immediate surroundings.

Marmaris Granite Products

With our wide range of granite products in Marmaris, we offer attractive options for your decoration and flooring projects.

Marmaris Çimstone Distributor

We offer various Çimstone products in Marmaris and provide aesthetic solutions for your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

We serve the surrounding districts, especially Marmaris, the popular town of Muğla, with a wide range of natural stones. We provide full service with options such as marble, travertine, basalt, granite, andesite, quartz, cementstone and slate.

Marmaris Belenco Marble and Decoration

We offer elegant marble varieties of the Belenco brand with aesthetic kitchen and bathroom solutions in Marmaris.

Marmaris Basalt and Decoration

We meet all kinds of needs in Marmaris and its surroundings with various basalt marble options.

Marmaris Andesite and Other Marble Applications

We offer quality and affordable solutions in Marmaris for all your andesite marble needs.

Marmaris Diabase and Wide Natural Stone Solutions

We offer a wide range of services with andesite and diabase marble options in the Marmaris region.

Marmaris Natural Stone Production and Applications

We offer aesthetic and durable applications for your kitchen and bathroom countertops with a wide selection of natural stone in Marmaris.

Marmaris Marble Prices

We offer marble and natural stone options at attractive prices in Marmaris, suitable for every budget.

Shop Location Yatağan 48100, Mugla, Turkey

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