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Strengthen Your Architectural Projects with Our Durable Cubic Stone Types

With our durable cube stone varieties such as Basalt, Begonite and Granite, we are at your side in your architectural projects that will successfully pass the test of time. We offer aesthetics and functionality together with our expert teams and experienced craftsmen.

Professional Küptaş Applications

We are proud to offer you quality service at affordable prices with our cubestone sales and application services in Antalya, Muğla and Izmir, and our 20 years of experience throughout Turkey.

The Point Where Natural Beauty and Mastery Meet

Küptaş marble is one of the rarest natural stones extracted from Turkey's rich mineral deposits. Cubestone marble extracted from these regions, especially Antalya, Izmir and Muğla, requires centuries-old mastery and a deep understanding of art. As Küptaş Natural Stone Marble Flooring Application Team, we offer our expertise in the installation of this unique material in every corner of Turkey and abroad.

Features of Küptaş Marble

Küptaş adds elegance and durability to spaces with marble, granite and basalt, as well as other natural stone types such as begonite. The variety of colors and textures adapts to any design approach. Küptaş marble, which furnishes living spaces not only with aesthetic beauty but also with the promise of long-lasting use, is an ideal choice for modern and classic spaces.

Expertise Starting from Antalya, Izmir and Muğla

Antalya, Izmir and Muğla, which have Turkey's highest quality cube stone marble quarries, play an important role in processing this natural stone and presenting it to the world markets. These regions constitute the main bases of our Küptaş Natural Stone Marble Flooring Application Team. Years of experience and deep knowledge of local resources make each project unique.

Projects in Türkiye and Worldwide

Laying cubestone marble is not only a craft but also an art. Our application team is equipped with specially trained craftsmen and the latest technologies, allowing us to offer customized solutions needed by any venue. Our projects have come to life in internationally prestigious venues in different continents such as Europe, the Middle East and America, as well as in Turkey.

Application Process of Küptaş Marble

Each project is specifically planned, taking into account the physical and aesthetic requirements of the space. To maximize the natural beauty of Küptaş marble and ensure long-lasting use, care is taken at every stage, from cutting to laying. Techniques such as waterjet cutting, CNC machining and handcrafting reveal the unique character of each stone.

Customer-Specific Services

In our Küptaş marble flooring operations, we produce special solutions according to the wishes and needs of our customers. By prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction in every project, we achieve long-lasting and aesthetically perfect results.

Contact us for durable, aesthetic and long-lasting cube stone solutions in your architectural projects. We are at your service with our professional teams.

Contact: +90 534 563 2113
Factory: Yatağan / Muğla / Türkiye
January: Yatağan / Muğla / Türkiye

Product Location Emirbeyazıt Mah. Recai Güreli Cad. Tözün Apt. 17/7 48100, Mugla, Turkey

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