Lock Paving Stone

3 years ago
Key paving stones are among the stones that are needed today due to the urbanization. These stones add beauty and elegance to the areas and environments to be applied in terms of aesthetics. These stones, which provide a very modern appearance in terms of decoration, are used in almost all provinces. Due to the variability of natural conditions, it is ensured that the function of the street in terms of use is increased by mounting these stones on the surface parts of the sandy or earthy street infrastructures. In addition, these stones are very important for pedestrians to use the walking paths more easily. These stones, which offer different color options, provide a beautiful appearance in floor coverings in terms of decoration.
Key Paving Stone Features
Key paving stones are stones that are produced in almost all provinces in our country and exported both domestically and abroad. The main reason for the high demand for these stones from abroad is that they are economical. It can be used easily in winter with its durable and high quality structure. They are very simple to use in areas of pre-determined dimensions and measurements. It is also necessary to say that there are local production stones in our country thanks to the production with quarries. It can take its place in harmony with the stones that were previously laid in terms of design. The main reasons for taking up a lot of space in the construction market and attracting the attention of many customers are due to the large number of color and pattern options. It absorbs water puddles caused by rain or sewage and allows them to be absorbed. Regardless of the areas and environments used in the environment, they are stones that can adapt to the whole environment. It provides benefits to the user in terms of economy thanks to the removal and use of it from the areas where it is installed and taken to other areas.
Key paving stones, which are brought to the factories from the quarries, are calculated in computer environment thanks to the dimensions and measurements determined by the customers within the area and environments to be used before. After the measurements made in computer environment, they are cut in desired sizes and shapes with press machines and made ready for presentation. Finally, it is sold to customers who are final buyers.
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