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Çeşme Marble Factory is located in Çeşme, the popular district of İzmir, and produces marble blocks in various colors and patterns, especially high quality white marble. While this facility attracts great attention in both local and global markets, it uses the most modern technologies by adopting the principle of environmental sustainability. In this way, it takes care to protect natural resources and ensures maximum efficiency in production processes. Çeşme Marble Factory thus increases the international reputation of Izmir and Turkey in the marble industry and contributes to the regional economy. The marbles produced reinforce the architectural beauty by providing an aesthetic touch in the interior and exterior of luxury buildings.

  • Marble Options and Our Prices: We aim to offer aesthetics and quality at affordable prices. Our marble prices vary depending on the type, size and workmanship of the marble you choose. We aim to add value to your projects with options suitable for every budget and taste. For more information about our prices and marble options, please visit our website.
  • Touristic Facility Renovation: By using the tourism potential of Çeşme, we add a special touch to the renewal of hotels and tourist facilities. The elegance of marble opens the door to an unforgettable experience you will offer to your guests. We create a luxurious and original atmosphere in your facilities by using marble in areas such as lobbies, bathrooms, restaurants and SPA.
  • Marble Polishing Services: We polish with the latest technology to enhance the natural beauty of marble and eliminate wear and tear that occurs over time. Thanks to these processes, your marble surfaces maintain their aesthetic appearance for a long time.

As Çeşme Marble Factory, we are proud to integrate this precious material we take from nature into the living spaces of our valued customers. With our principles of aesthetics, quality and durability, we bring the natural beauty of marble to each of your projects. Contact us to benefit from the elegant and durable structure of marble in your projects and make your dreams come true with us.

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