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Albanian stone was the stones we used on our streets years ago. The use of these stones was quite high in villages and towns. These stones have large and small images on the roads where they are used. Difficulties are encountered when these stones used in road construction are passed over them on foot. In addition, troublesome situations arise even when driving over these stones. There are noises coming from the wheels of general cars.
It is known that these stones, which are even the subject of songs in our country, are used in many areas. Albanian stone is a building material that is highly demanded by customers due to its very affordable cost. It shows a great deal of resistance against the damages that may come from nature or human beings. This resistance shows that this stone is durable. There is no deterioration or loss of color on the surface parts of these stones against the pressure or impacts caused by external factors.
Albanian Stone Properties
Albanian stone, due to its structure and texture, enables it to absorb and absorb water in the area where it is laid, in case of intensive floods. In this way, it is very useful to people in preventing floods. Also; If there are plants under the place where this stone is mounted, it provides water permeability and provides water to the plants. Thanks to these features, it is recommended to be used in places with heavy rainfall.
Albanian stones are round stones that are found by working workers in streams or river parts by their hands. We can also say that these stones, which they find with their hands, are assembled with their hands in the same way according to the places of use. Since it is more robust in terms of flooring, the flooring is made with the help of the sand. It is known that people who do not rely on the strength of the floorings with sand are also laying with the mortars. In any case, it is among the stone models that do not let its customers down thanks to its unique durable structures.
These stones are preferred due to their very low prices in terms of cost. Also; The fact that it offers color options such as black, gray, white, red and yellow is among the features that increase the purchasing power of this stone.
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