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Alanya Marble Factory, located in Alanya, Antalya and one of Turkey's leading natural stone manufacturers, produces high quality marble slabs, stair treads and customized design products by processing local and imported marble blocks with state-of-the-art equipment. This factory is a leader in the extraction of precious stones, both economically and aesthetically, in the region rich with marble reserves. Known for its environmentally friendly production methods and sustainable mining approaches, the factory carries Turkish marble, which attracts great attention in domestic and foreign markets, to the global market. With the experience and knowledge it has gained over the years, it increases its product diversity and continues to play an active role in the worldwide marble industry.

We Blend Elegance and Durability in Your Hotels

While renewing the touristic areas of Alanya highlights the natural beauties of the city, we help provide your guests with an unforgettable accommodation experience with the renovation works we carry out for your hotels and other accommodation facilities. As Alanya Marble Factory, we serve you with our experienced team in hotel renovation. By bringing the elegant and durable structure of marble to your hotels, we increase your value in the eyes of your guests.

Marble Polishing: The Art of Highlighting the Natural Beauty of the Stone

In our factory, we preserve the natural texture of the stones and obtain bright, smooth surfaces with marble polishing processes carried out with state-of-the-art equipment. The polishing process improves the aesthetic appearance of marble and extends its life.

Add Aesthetics and Quality to Your Projects

Alanya Marble Factory, which has undertaken many projects at home and abroad, is an organization that has proven itself with its quality. We are always at your service with our expert team in marble selection, application and maintenance. If you want to prioritize aesthetics and quality in your projects, we are ready to offer you the best service in the magical world of marble.

As Alanya Marble Factory, we are ready to support you in all your needs, from marble prices to hotel renovations, from modernization of touristic places to marble polishing processes. The luxury and durability of marble continues to add value to your projects. If you want quality service and make a difference, contact us.

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