The use of marble has a modern position in the world of interior design… The ever-changing and innovative decoration trends form different usage areas day by day. To create a modern touch in its decoration, you should definitely take a look at the innovative ways of using marble.

Among the furniture models designed with marble material; Favorite products such as dresuar, table, coffee table and side table continue to decorate the decorations. It also adds a different atmosphere to the decoration in accessories and objects made of marble. If you want to have a modern home or office decoration, you can add a few items made of marble to its decoration.



Marble tables and coffee tables have a very successful role especially in filling large areas. Especially in office decorations, the use of marble items is increasing day by day… As with any furniture, marble furniture has some disadvantages. Being heavy due to the production material can be a bit annoying about the portability of such furniture. However, if you do not constantly change the location of your furniture in home and office decorations, this small problem is eliminated. On the other hand, the fact that it is easy to clean, does not wear and has a more durable structure increases the reasons for choosing marble furniture. While marble furniture made of quality materials has a lifetime that can challenge the years, it creates a different and modern alternative area for those who want permanent solutions in decoration.

If you prefer L-type sports sofa set in living room and living room decorations, you can use a marble table with a marble rectangular or oval veined lines.



In order to add a more modern atmosphere to the avant-garde decorations, you can choose the dining tables with dark marble plates. You can get more harmonious results with your style if you prefer models with gold or bronze details when choosing table or coffee table in avant-garde style decorations.

Marble furniture; You can also use it with retro, classic, country and industrial style. Marble furniture is an ideal option to create an ambitious decoration.

Entrance is one of the most useless areas in home decorations. Doorways also give tips on home decoration. It is the place where prejudices about home decoration are formed because it is the first place that guests meet. We often find it difficult to find items suitable for such amorphous areas. If we prefer both stylish and useful items that do not narrow the space, we can create a more striking look. At the same time, since we cannot use a lot of furniture, we need to decorate the area with a few pieces of furniture. The marble dresuar models also form a suitable usage area to fill these areas and make them look stylish. It also adds a rich atmosphere to the space with its elegant appearance. If you are hesitant to choose marble furniture for living room or living room decorations, you can experiment in smaller areas such as anteroom.



Marble accessories have been a part of our lives for a very long time… If you especially love retro and vintage items, you can see how widely used pieces such as ashtray, candlestick or sugar bowl were made of marble and how common they are. If you want to include marble accessories in decoration, you should definitely take a look at the pieces we chose for you as the Decoupage family.



There are some important tips to consider when using marble furniture or accessories. When products such as acid, lemon, vinegar come into contact with marble furniture, there may be changes in the color of the furniture. Likewise, very hot items such as pots and teapots taken from the stove should not be in direct contact with the marble. Thanks to the epoxy and crystalline polishes used in the design of marble furniture in recent years, such situations have been reduced to a minimum. As a result, you do not know exactly which processes or stages you passed the furniture you bought. If you want to use the item you bought for many years, you must make sure that it carries out the maintenance of the material used in the production.